Melanoma diagnosis

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Melanoma diagnosis

I have just been diagnosed with  lentigo maligna type melanoma but I dont understand the report.  The gp took a biopsy and now I have to wait until the hospital get back to me. How long should I wait.  The report says it is he above type extending to a depth of 3.8mm (Braslow thicknes) throught the reticular demis (Clark level 4). Tumour shows ulceration and is composed of marked atypical sox-10 positive, epithelioid melanocytes with large nuclei and pigment deposition  Six mitoses per mm are identifiable. There is no perineural or lymphovascular invasion. Tumour infiltrating lymphocytes are not present. Adjacent melanoma in situ composed of lentiginous proliferation of melanocytes with focal nest formation and pagetoid spread is also present associated with focal acive inflammaory regression.  It is referred to as a melanoma in situ. it extends to the 6 and 9 o'clock margins and lies at 0.5mm from the 6 o'clock margin and 1.5mm from the 12 o'clock margin. Invasive melanoma lies at 0.4mm from the deep margin, 1.2mm from the 3 o'clock margin, 1.5mm from the 9 o'clock margin and >5mm from the 12 and 6 o'clock margins. 

I was to go to Thailand on holiday for seven days on the 2 January but the gp said that they may need to take me into hospital so I should not go.  I dont know how long I have to wait and whether I should try to go on holiday as I have waited so long for it.  I am in Queensland so dont know what to expect or who to ring to find out.

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Re: Melanoma diagnosis

Hi Lynx,


I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. It sounds distressing and confusing for you. It's good that you have reached out to this Online Community.


I have just sent you a private message, but I wanted to post here also for the benefit of others who may be in a similar position.


I strongly suggest you speak with your GP to arrange for your health team to explain the report to you and if there are any implications for treatment. For more general information and if it is helpful to "unpack" some of the terminology, you are also welcome to call our Cancer Council Information and Support consultants on 131120. These consultants are health professionals who can discuss your situation with you and provide additional  avenues for support, both practical and emotional.


Kind regards,


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Re: Melanoma diagnosis

Hi @Lynx

There's also an organisation in Queensland who will probably have some answers for you and can offer really good support - here's a link to their website:



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