New to site. I have Urethral cancer.


New to site. I have Urethral cancer.

Hi. I was recently diagnosed with TCC of the Urethra. A very rare and agressive type of cancer. Im looking for anyone else who have gone through this.  I was told it was stage 3. They then sent me for a CT scan. The scan showed alot of possible tumors in my lungs. Biopsy was done, and it showed large cell carcanoma of the lungs. I was then told, SORRY, but it is stage 4 cancer and there was no cure. If I had no treatment, then I will be dead within a year. But if I did pallative chemo and radiation, then I have around 2 years to live. I have started on chemo and about to start radiation. This is a very rare cancer and the doctors are using trial and error on me. There also isnt much information out there on Urethral cancer. Has anyone else been through this. Would love some advice. Thanks

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Re: New to site. I have Urethral cancer.

Hello @Ted and welcome to the Community.


Sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis, I know your mind is likely awhirl right now but this is a great place to ask questions. Has anyone out there experienced TCC of the Urethra or other cancers of the Urethra and may be able to answer some of Ted's questions?


Ted, it might be worth reading our information on bladder and kidney cancer, as some of that information does relate to transitional cell carcinoma. This information is also available in more detail in handy pdf booklets, which are great for downloading to print out or read on your ereader such as a kindle or kobo, or even via an app on your smartphone or tablet.

We also have a great printout, entitled questions to ask your doctor. This might be handy for you to take a look at and take to your next appointment. We have a few more pdf books that might pique your interest such as the ones about different treatments, feel free to look at them here. If you would like a physical copy of any of the above, feel free to send me a private message and I will arrange it Smiley Happy


I would also recommend giving 13 11 20 a call on Wednesday (they are closed during the public holidays) and they can answer any questions you may have also, they are all trained health professionals.


Please do let us know how you get on Heart

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