Breast Cancer - Feeling Lost - Need Advice

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Breast Cancer - Feeling Lost - Need Advice

Hello Everyone,


I was diagnosed with breast cancer (stage 2) back during Spring of 2020. The lump they found on my breast was about 4-5cm. I had it removed in July 2020. They removed the lump and also the lymph nodes. They also told me that the cancer cells did not spread towards the nodes.


When I had the lump removed, my surgeon told me that I will only be needing radiation but now, after seeing an Oncologist, he wants me to do chemotherapy while taking Tamoxifen. He also suggested taking 5-FU Epirubicin cyclophosphamide to lower the recurrence of the cancer.


I have read about the side effects of chemotherapy and how damaging it is to your body, it also seems that it does not work for some people. Therefore, I was wondering if anybody here has any other suggestions or advice.


Based on my Recurrence Score (please see attached image below), 51 is high. He said that it should be in the 20’s. My Oncotype score is triple negative (ER negative, PR negative, HER2 negative).


Do you think getting a breast reduction would help? Or am I better off with a double mastectomy?


I feel lost and helpless, how should I approach this? If possible, I would like to go with an alternative without doing chemo due to it’s side effects.


Thank you for your time. 





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Re: Breast Cancer - Feeling Lost - Need Advice

Hi tomexe36,


I am so sorry for your diagnosis.  I don't have any advice to give you because I'm not an expert.  As you have conflicting recommendations perhaps it would be a good idea to get a second opinion.  This is a really important decision so you should get as much information as you can.  Surgeons and oncologists can have differing opinions.  Doesn't mean that either is wrong as they're probably basing their advice on their experiences.  This is an incredibly difficult decision.


I wish you well and that you get the best treatment available.  I hope you find someone who gives you the confidence you need to get through this journey.  

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