Trophoblastic tumour

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Trophoblastic tumour

I have a trophoblastic tumour and wanted to share my experience in case anyone else has encountered this as it seems to be quite rare. The only reason I have this is because of a failed pregnancy! I was absolutely gobsmacked to learn after my miscarriage that abnormal cells would carry on growing in the womb. In my case its been six months since the abnormal / expired fetus (or what should have been a fetus - it was actually just a mass of cells) was removed and I am still having weekly blood tests to check on the progress of this growth. In my case two sperms fertilised one egg (FYI - that does not make twins, it just makes a mess) and this has led to this cell mutation in my womb. My GP said "its not cancer but it behaves like a cancer". I have now been refereed to an oncologist to see if its spread to other parts of my body and if I need a low dose of chemo to kill off these abnormal cells so I can get on with my life. FYI you are not allowed to get pregnant again until you have the all clear. Anyway I was initially quite horrified that this could happen at all - I just wanted to have a baby and now I have a tumour!!! WTF! I wanted to share this with other women going through it - you are not alone. It seems miscarriage is talked about a lot more these days but this is NOT talked about at all. I had never met someone with this diagnosis and there is very little info online about it too. There is light at the end of the tunnel as apparently chemo works very well as a treatment.

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