Have you had Non Malignant Skin Cancers of the Face/Ears or Shoulders?

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Have you had Non Malignant Skin Cancers of the Face/Ears or Shoulders?

I'm a 56 year old Woman who has recently been diagnosed with possibly 9 x Non Malignant Skin Cancers - 7 being on my Face. Having grown up on the beach and always been an outdoors and beach going person, I'm not surprised.

My Dad passed of Malignant Melanoma at age 44 and I've been sun burned more times than i can remember! Add to that the red orange hereditary tinges in my hair with Scandinavian and British Genes and I would be a Poster Girl for Skin Cancer Awareness.But I'm not.

The only BCC is on my Nose - so far - it looks though i may need a Moh's Procedure - bearing in mind I have Nursed many Patients in OT Recovery (PACU) who have had this procedure and I am mortified.

I would rather have all lesions removed then deal with Reconstruction about 12 months after treatment based on my totally worn down Immune System and my aged and sun damaged skin.

At this stage ,Biopsies have been done and results and decisions will be made in four days.

Can anybody share any experiences with their Skin Cancers with me? Any advice on anything related to Skin Cancer would be much appreciated. I'm just accepting I have Cancer and am looking at Pre DiagnosisPre Diagnosis


Biopsy Day - 7 x Sites FaceBiopsy Day - 7 x Sites Face


Biopsy Day - Right Shoulder - Mole RemovalBiopsy Day - Right Shoulder - Mole Removal


Biopsy Day - Right Shoulder x 1Biopsy Day - Right Shoulder x 1




about 12 months of removal of precancerous sites as well.

Thanks in advance.




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Re: Have you had Non Malignant Skin Cancers of the Face/Ears or Shoulders?

Hi Judi

It’s confronting isn’t it! I'm 49, grew up in the sub tropics and had my first bcc removed 10 years ago. I’ve had a malignant melanoma cut out of my left cheek. Today I went for my check up, I haven’t been hit a year because I had spinal surgery. I have a bcc, 2 scc and a possible new melanoma on my back which was biopsied. 
Like you, I’m kind of resigned to having cancer but I am always thinking positive, living and living life, exercising, eating well, and being grateful for what I have. I’m here if you want to reach out. 

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