Bowel cancer recurrence

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Bowel cancer recurrence

Hi everyone 

I'm posting to say hi and just tell a little about my cancer experience . I was first diagnosed in 2009 with stage 3 bowel cancer with some spread to the Lymph nodes. October 2018 I went to the GP after experiencing persistent dull pain in my abdomen. My scan revealed a 4cm mass on my left ovary turned out to be cancerous.  I had a complete hysterectomy and HIPEC surgery with 4 days in ICU and then 4 weeks in hospital. My chemo ended in June this year and I'm recovering well. I've started walking around 2km every second day and hope to go back to work next year. What a rollercoaster it has been and much tougher emotionally 2nd time round. I really never thought the cancer would return esp. After 9/10 years now I just try to pretend everything is normal and that my life will go back on track but the feeling of dread and not trusting my body anymore is tough to shake. Seeing oncologist for follow up in 3 weeks and do my first scans .  In the back of my mind is the keep fighting talk...

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Re: Bowel cancer recurrence

Hi Georgie,

I'm sorry to hear that this has happened to you and reoccured.

I'm speechless. I don't know what to say.

I guess noone really knows whether it will return or not, but after 10 years!

You never know, with a bit of luck, that might be the end of it.

I hope so.

Any further treatment plans or just scans for now?



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Re: Bowel cancer recurrence

Hi Georgie


I'm at the end of my chemo following stage 3 bowel cancer. I'd like to say I'm handling it well, but I'm back in hospital again tonight. Struggling to stay hydrated the natural way. I think this is another terminated cycle, being third in a row now. 


The chemo has been tough on me, but having 3 cycles cut short, I wonder if it's been enough to do the job. I suspect this is only my first cancer journey and like yourself, some point in the future, I get to do it all again. I'll be watching like a hawk for any signs for the rest of my life.


Anyhooo! Thought I'd say hi. Keep up the fight. You beat it once, you can do it again.





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Re: Bowel cancer recurrence

Hi Georgie,

How are you travelling?

How are you feeling now?



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Re: Bowel cancer recurrence

Hi sch

Just decided to look through the posts and I'm happy to say that so far so good. Since the 2018 diagnoses I had another scare they sd i had thyroid cancer. Apparently on the PET scan that area lit up but following a total thyroidectomy it was all clear. 

I've had lots of fatigue and that horrible neuropathy that makes walking hard. Still not back at work hoping to return next year. I'm looking forward to Christmas hoping to see family in Victoria!!!

How are you going?

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