Concern about lack of treatment

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Concern about lack of treatment

I have had a TURBT for bladder cancer which came back as High-grade papillary urothelial carcinoma with focal invasion of lamina propria. In the additional levels, there is also focal squamous differentiation in the
surface component.  In all that I have read I should be given treatment such as BCG but last week the urologist in a public hospital has said no treatment and we will do another TURBT in three months.  I am very concerned as the tumour was over 5cm removed.  How do I get a second opinion in the public system.  Also I am in a wheelchair due to post polio syndrome.  Are there any services that could transport me to hospital in my wheelchair as the maxi taxis are expensive at over $100 each way from where I live to the hospital thank you.


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Re: Concern about lack of treatment

Hi @Sue888 ,


Sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but welcome to this site.   If you're unhappy with the treatment offered to you, ask your GP for a referral to a different oncologist.   Alot of them will work out of public hospitals, so it shouldn't cost you anything.   You are entitled to a second opinion.    If you give the Cancer Council a call on 131120, they should be able to give you info on any financial assistance you may be entitled to (or point you in the right direction).  


I know last year in the US, there was a shortage of the BCG vaccine.   I don't know if they use it as it is to inject into the bladder, or if it's further modified in any way.  But that may be a reason it wasn't offered to you as a treatment.   It might be good to ask your current onc if that's why it wasn't offered to you, just in case, because if it's not available,  another onc might not be able to offer it to you either. 

Anyway, I hope things work out well for you.




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