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I had mastectomy a week ago.  So many things have gone wrong.  They lost the biopsy report.  A 'clear' report was sent to my GP, then another saying I had DCIS in my right breast.  Then I was booked to have a lumpectomy, but then the report was found, showing that I needed a mastectomy instead, but theatre was not informed until I told them of the upgrade.  I was rushed into theatre within half a hour of getting to the hospital. I was told there was no bed for me to stay overnight and that if I wanted to go ahead with the op, I would have to be tranferred to the local hospital afterwards.  A bed was found for me eventually and I was sent home the next day.  Although painkillers were written up for me by the anaesthetist, I had to ask for them, because nursing staff forgot.  I got home and within a day I had a reaction to the painkillers.  To get others I had to go to my local Hospital, who directed me to the wrong surgery which was closed.  Finally I was given some pain relief, after another trip to the hospital and to the correct surgery.  This all took from 2am until 9.30am on a saturday.  I was at home with a drain in.  It needed changing so I had to go to the local hospital again.  The nurses there were not familiar with the drain set-up, and sent me home with the tube still clamped and the drain rate regulator turned off.  I had to fix it myself.  What else can go wrong?  There have been so many seemingly small things that I dread going to see the surgeon next week to get the results of the pathology tests.  I cry at the drop of a hat these days, and all the 'contact' numbers given to me to provide help and support have turned out to be recorded messages, not real people.

I am so angry, and feel so isolated.

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Re: Crying

Dear Pinkroses,


That sounds like a really difficult time you have had since your diagnosis.


It is good that you are reaching out and I strongly encourage you to contact the Cancer Council 13 11 20 Information and Support line. This is staffed by health professionals who can discuss all the support programs available to you which include peer support, counselling and practical support. While it can be more difficult living in a small town, many of the services can be accessed Australia-wide. 


Kind regards,


Cancer Council Online Community team

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Re: Crying

Hello again Pinkroses
I received a reply to my post from you and decided to read your other post.

My God, what an ordeal and yet you still have time to Think of others. You are an amazing person. 

I cannot even pretend to understand your experience, but My heart goes out to you.  

You are never alone

Stay strong

Stay focused

All's well that ends well. 

And this testing situation will end well



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Re: Crying

You poor thing. Just take each minute, hour and day at a time.
My thoughts and prayers are with you...
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