Endometrial cancer

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Endometrial cancer

Good day 

I have just been diagnosed with endometrial cancer, 

i got the call this Wednesday from the doctor, who seemed subdued on the phone and started the conversation by saying...” I have bad news” “ you need to come now”

i hanged up the phone and thought .. WTF.... emotions were all over the map, I knew I couldn’t see her alone so I brought my sister in law with me

we both sit in the doctor office and she says you have endometrial cancer, I was consumed with fear, I had no question to ask her, at that moment all I wanted to do was leave her office and be alone..

i have been a roller coaster since, my mind is all over the place

im getting my CT scan on Tuesday and meeting the oncologist soon after...I cry allot, I keep thinking of the worst, I’ve had this for a while as the other doctor dismissed everything as a utérin polyp..... 

thanls for listening 


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Re: Endometrial cancer



you are in my thoughts and prayers.🙏🏻  Stay strong.  Traci-Renee ❤️

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Re: Endometrial cancer

It's a terrible shock to the system to get such a diagnosis.  I'm glad you had your sister in law with you.  Nothing can prepare you for such a shock.  We always think it won't happen to us.  It's a frightening time just after diagnosis.  Just know that once you have absorbed the knowledge and told your family (that's a very hard part) - it will get better.  Once you have your plan in place after seeing the Oncologist you will know what to expect.   It will still be a rough ride but you will begin to feel a little calmer.  Doctors, nurses, surgeons and radiologists in this field are amazing and try their very best to help you.  Just put yourself in their hands and they will help you get through this.  Breathe your way through it, cry occasionally but just know you will get through it.  Most of us have here.  The worst time is before you know what's going to happen.  It does get a bit easier then.  Please take good care and let us know how you are doing.   Wishing you success - always.

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Same here

Same situation here and I was wondering how it's going. 

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