Father of 3

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Father of 3

I am a new member. I have just been diagnosed either sarcoma or thyroid related cancer. 3 mths ago I had a lump removed from my neck and diagnosis wasn't clear on which cancer it was. After more surgery by removing some my collarbone and neck dissection, I had pet,mri and ct scan I received great news that no trace of disease was anywhere. After feeling relieved, elated I thought that was it. Unfortunately I was wrong. Last week I noticed a lump again in the same place where I had surgery. They again took it out and the diagnosis was the same as before. My oncologist now is leaning towards sarcoma and I'm starting chemo next week for 6 mths. The disease hasn't spread to any parts of my body just seems to be localised to my neck. I have battled with cancer from the age of 25 with Hodgkin's lymphoma and thyroid cancer, but I am frightened like hell at the moment. I have 3 young children and a supportive wife and that's all i worry about. If anyone has or is going through something similar, info on disease or advice would greatly be appreciated.
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