Female Bladder Cancer


Female Bladder Cancer


diagnosed with bladder cancer December 2022, 5 surgeries and 12 BCG immunotherapy treatments later, I’m now at the what will I do next stage , my immunotherapy worked well, pain free no side affects and I feel well, would never know anything is wrong with me. Fortunately the treatments did their job, unfortunately only 99%, therefore only two options for me, major bladder removal surgery, or a new chemotherapy trial that only started last year, of course there is the do nothing decision which I favour. At this stage bladder removal is not something I am considering but as a decision is required this week , I believe I will go with what my husband wants and that is chemo trial, although chemo not something I ever wanted, apparently I’ve been told there are no side effects with this one but , as we all know we are all different.
Are there any other female bladder cancer ‘patients’ out there 

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