GBM Stage 4

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GBM Stage 4

Hello everyone. I'm new to this. Just wanting to talk to other carers or patients who have GBM in their life.
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Re: GBM Stage 4

Re: Gbm grade 4 brain tumour My husband ,aged 47 was diagnosed with a GBM grade 4 in April 2010. He awoke with a stiff/sore leg, which progressively became weaker - 36 hours later we received the diagnosis of a brain tumor . He has had surgery, rehabilitation, radiation, chemotherapy & also stereotactic radiation. The initial tumor was on his right side , the second tumor presented below the original site 3 months after April surgery. We were advised that surgery was too risky on the second so continued with chemotherapy & 5 months later had the stereotactic procedure. My husbands left side movement is effected (has been since April surgery) and seems to be gradually deteriorating - he obviously cannot drive but continues to work as this is an important positive in this world of which he now feels he has little control. We have an amazing team of specialists caring for us and our oncologist and GP support us enormously - in that we are so fortunate. That being said though I hate it - I hate that this tumor has taken over control of our lives & changed the man I married. I feel so selfish sharing this because I know my husband hates it too - my greatest fear is what will happen & how. On the outside I am trying to remain positive & I haven't given up hope - but my husband and I are both realistic and understand that this is what will claim him - when is a anyones guess . I am not scared of being on my own but I am terrified of how this may effect our two amazing teenage sons. I seem to have garbled on but it does feel better & reading your posts have inspired me to contribute so for that I thank you
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