Grade 3 Astrocytoma

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Hi Nath250,

yes I understand Drs would find no connection, mine did too, if you look on the internet under wood dust exposure, I’m nit sure but I feel something needs to trigger the cancers in us and we will never know.

there are so many cancers out there now and something is going wrong somewhere.


Have  to keep on keeping on, I have cancer in my bone marrow, and the pain down the front of my legs something ines is so awful . I can well imagine what you are going through, it’s like I had years ago, skin splits if your familiar with them. It’s weird 


The  fatigue is so aweful too and I feel it in my legs, like the old saying goes on my last legs. Dragging myself around, but I keep upright most resting helps also a hot bath.

i do pet sitting and get a nice hot bath at times,so that’s a good thing. It’s weird as the dogs sniff at my legs heaps, I’m sure they can smell cancer.


Im due to see my cancer Dr soon and have just had the blood tests two weeks before I go to see how my cancer levels are. Dr said last time my levels are up to where I may need treatment soon, I take a product called Gumby Gumby check it out, it may be helping me but I don’t know yet will see at my next visit if the markers go down I will be very happy.

i got mine online , it’s easy to order and is said to help also if your on chemo etc, it doesn’t react or stop any other meds working you may be taking.


thanks for the reply.

karen smily2 

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