Diagnosis not yet confirmed : any input please? (ovarian / cervical)

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Diagnosis not yet confirmed : any input please? (ovarian / cervical)

Hi anyone 

It is taking months and months for me to get hospital visits and a diagnosis. During my last appointment the dr told me it's not unlikely I have cancer... Does anyone have any feedback for me regarding my symptoms vs. cancer or something benign?


Last year :

  • lower abdomen pain
  • bloating
  • rectal bleeding (clots as well as bright)
  • right side pain
  • back pain
  • feeling generally unwell
  • tired
  • fever

I had a colonoscopy as well as x-ray and I think a sonar for that. Nothing was found and the doctor told me I have IBS.


This year :

  • bloating
  • feels like "pressure" low down in my pubic area
  • severe pelvic cramps and stabs
  • severe backache (feels like kidney stones as well as severe period pains)
  • recurrent bladder infections (blood in urine and more frequency)
  • heartburn / reflux feeling
  • my period became irregular 6 months ago
  • for the last 3 months I've been bleeding from my lady parts (occasionally bright red, other times dark red and clotty, other times less blood but more brown. Odorless). 
  • pap smear and blood tests all normal
  • ultra sound showed a "bulky cervix" (twice)
  • and one ultra sound technician said she saw a "mass" behind my cervix
  • no obvious fibroids or cysts

This year I have been on antibiotics almost every month. I have been treated for (aka diagnosed with)

  • bladder infection (by some doctors... and)
  • muscular backache (by others... who don't believe I have bladder infections)
  • kidney infections (some agree some don't) ... this has been ongoing for 6 months. 
  • peptic ulcer
  • stds (my smears were clear - I think they're trying to "eliminate")
  • and having "period pains"

My last dr tried to do another pap smear, but said (sorry for tmi) my cervix was blocked with brown/pussy liquid. Once again - no smell.

I imagine this is probably not the right forum for this - but any feedback would be so much appreciated.

Cancer is rife on both sides of my family. 

It sounds like the last dr thinks I have a mass, but it is going to take months again before I will be able to have a colscopy. 

Does this sound like cancer? Or just a benign mass? Or something else??

Thank you.


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Re: Diagnosis not yet confirmed : any input please? (ovarian / cervical)

What an experience you've had @Sophiasmommy, I can well understand your confusion.


I'm including some links below to our ovarian and cervical cancer information booklets for you. I am not an oncologist, so of course cannot make a medical diagnosis. If you're not getting the answers you need when discussing this with your GP, you could ask for a referral elsewhere or seek another opinion.


Does anyone else have anything that might help Sophiasmommy out?


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Re: Diagnosis not yet confirmed : any input please? (ovarian / cervical)

Dear Sophiasmommy


I have ovarian cancer, successfully removed this year and I am currently on chemo. What I have done is gone through your list and deleted symptoms that I did not have but left the ones that I had. 


  • lower abdomen pain
  • bloating <- a HUGE yes, it was a solid mass like I was pregnant, the bloating NEVER went away
  • feels like "pressure" low down in my pubic area
  • severe pelvic cramps and stabs - accompanying this I had huge blood clots.
  • pap smear and blood tests all normal

My symptoms that you don't seem to have:

  • No appitite - never got hungry but could eat a lot, but most days I could get away with 1 meal per day
  • Gained weight for no reason - stomach
  • Very hard abdomen
  • Frequent diarrhea
  • HEAVY periods. I bled through a super tampon in 3 minutes.
  • Severe debilitating period pain.

It actually sounds like you are having a very rough time with your health right now and I'm so sorry for you. The problem with ovarian cancer is that the symptoms are can be put down to other things like indigestion. 


My one suggestion for you is this: be your own advocate.

IF you fear it is ovarian ask to be checked for that specifically. I have a family friend whose friend got ovarian cancer and it scared her so much she walked into the doc the asked to be check, they did it and found she had it. Stage 1, VERY early no need for chemo.


So please, if you are worried, ask to be checked. There is nothing wrong with being checked. I'm sorry things are difficult for you, and I hope that you will have answers soon. I'll be thinking of you ❤️



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