I am to have a Peritonectomy

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Re: I am to have a Peritonectomy

Hi Louiseturns50

Gee you have had a massive surgery ,that it’s good that’s your physical recovery is ok,it’s really understandable that your emotional recovery is very difficult it’s only been seven weeks since surgery,and you are getting mixed messages from your Medical team ,try and get a very thorough explanation of what you are facing,I remember my thoughts and doubts after my surgery especially when I was told they couldn’t get it all,it is normal to have those feelings ,fears and doubts of the unknown and the future,I remember speaking to a doctor about them,I eventually became reasonably comfortable with the future.I try to ignore what if’s in life.

We are all different how we handle these situations,nothing in life prepares us for this,don’t be too hard on yourself it is still early days in your mental recovery.


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