I "Think" I have cancer.....

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I "Think" I have cancer.....

This is the weekend am in a bit of turmoil.  Have had longstanding bowel issues of many months, initially detected and treated as H Pylori.  Anyhow things deteriorated over last month.  Last Wednesday had CT Scan, Friday afternoon got results.  Have a 13cm growth in anorectal region, thickening of bowel, multiple small lower abdominal lymph nodes (largest 7cm),  Mass is so big is displacing prostrate gland and bladder.  Multiple low densiy lesions on liver (largest 20mm). Nodular lesions on lung base (7mm).  Lung and Liver referred to as Metastic.


Dr  has organised for me to have surgery? at hospital early next week and am waiting for hospital to get back to me Monday.  

All in all....to me it juts looks pretty grim all round.


I worry that a 13cm mass means a bag, or is too big to operate and needs reduction/chemo whatever?  

I have no idea if I am going in for a day or two or ten days.


I do not know if I am waiting for surgeon, or an oncologist, or a team, or will have a day prepped and then surgery?


My family have all read the report and pretty much came to same conclusion, as in very serious, with no a good prognosis in short or even long term.


I know I should/have to wait for next week but can anybody please give me an idea on what likely medcall course of action is.  Not holding anyone to anything, but if someone can relate there experience with similar issue/size would be eternally grateful.

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Re: I "Think" I have cancer.....

Hi Geoff,


Based on the information you've provided below, yes, you have cancer. (I'm referring to the "think" that you have in the topic)

Firstly, if you have questions or are unsure about something or the process that is meant to be followed, contact your surgeon and/or GP. Ask them questions and make sure that you understand.


I'd be surprised if the surgery has been scheduled yet if you don't know what the surgery is.

You generally have to consent to surgery for it to be performed, and you will be provided with instructions for surgery preparation.

After my colonoscopy and subsequent cancer diagnosis, I was given a reference to the surgeon.

I met my surgeon prior to surgery and we discussed surgery options.


Take someone with you when you go to see the surgeon. It will be information overload.

You might want to confirm what surgery they performing?

How long will you be in hospital?



Let us know how you go.









Re: I "Think" I have cancer.....

Did the hospital get back to you today?

The answers to your questions will depend on further information, which might not be available until after surgery or which could be gathered concurrently with your surgery.

From the information you do have, it is likely that a team would be involved in planning and implementing your care.

Be careful of making assumptions based on imaging reports. My own initial imaging reports painted a very bleak picture when the reality is very different.
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Re: I "Think" I have cancer.....

Thanks for replies, I suppose I am reading to much into report but it just looks so grim....when recently retired, lots of traveling, really enjoying myself. It's a big fall.

Hospital rang me midday today just to confirm bio details, address etc. Said they would write out appointment letter.

I imagine like any place, Monday morning would be bit chockers with normal work and weekend referrals. So though a tad disappointed am somewhat reassured that there is a process that seems to be ticking over well. I mean scan Wednesday, result and referral Friday, and hospital contact Monday mid-day.

I am hopeful that appointment letter contains a bit more info, location, who seeing, if staying how long, background reading, preparation stuff etc
Never been in hospital before as outpatient or inpatient....but am a bit more relaxed now.

Once again thank you all.
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Re: I "Think" I have cancer.....

Hi GeoffAHollick,


I’m so very sorry to hear about your diagnosis.

Sorry I was unsure from your message if you were meeting with the surgeon for just a consultation this week or they had actually booked you in for surgery already?


So I do apologise if this information is no longer helpful to you! Well I think everyone’s experience is a bit different but for me after my colonoscopy I was referred to a surgeon to discuss what type of surgery I would require, they were also able to provide me with an idea of if I would need a bag or likely to need chemo etc and we’re able to schedule a date for surgery once I decided to proceed. 


I then met a nurse and anesthesiologist a day or so before my surgery just to make sure I was well enough to go ahead with the surgery and to discuss anything I needed to do to prepare for it (But they will of course check you over again on the day!).


For my surgery I was told I didn’t have to do the full bowel prep as you do before the colonoscopy which was a pleasant surprise. So hopefully you’ll have the same luck!


As Lolie mentioned unfortunately some of the diagnostic testing isn’t always 100% accurate but once the surgeon does operate they’ll do a thorough examination and you’ll hopefully have a lot more answers. They will also probably send some biopsy’s away to confirm the suspected diagnosis. I found in my situation it did take a little while for the Pathology results to come back (around a week but I guess it depends how busy they are).


I stayed in hospital just over a week but I think it’s a very individual thing as it depends on the surgery you have and how you’re recovering but regardless they will want to make sure everything is back up and running and your well enough before they send you home.


I found my stay in hospital to be quite comforting so I hope your experience is the same. Just having the nurses and specialist checking on you regularly and at hand to answer questions or concerns was very reassuring.


So once you receive your biopsy results they should then be able to discuss any further treatment you may require and refer you to any other specialist such as oncologist or radiologist if needed.


I hope this information has been some what helpful. I’m so very sorry you have to go through such an ordeal GeoffAHollick and I wish you all the very best for your surgery. Take care.

Kind Regards


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