I was surprised to read this!


I was surprised to read this!

Hi all, I've been doing some research into pancreatic cancer, as I was diagnosed with this illness three months ago. I have especially been researching the subject of warning signs we receive to signify that a part of the body is under attack. But strangely, in everything I've seen, a very important piece of information is missing.


When I was diagnosed with stage-3, locally-advanced, inoperable pancreatic cancer three months ago, they told me that the tumour may have taken up to a year to get to the size that it was. (4.5cm) Therefore, I thought about what else had gone wrong with me physically in past year. And only one thing came to mind.


About a year ago, possibly a bit less, I started getting really bad heartburn. I'd experienced it before, but not like this. It was really sore, and constant. I tried everything. You know, antacids and whatnot. I also tried taking pills that my doctor had given me to lower the acidity of my stomach.  But nothing worked. Now the interesting thing is, that that heartburn stayed with me all the way up to my pancreatic cancer diagnosis.


The symptom I talking about here, however, is not just heartburn.  It's a consequence of heartburn, that I had never experienced before.  When I first experienced it, I immediately sat down on the ground for fear of falling over


I was completely wiped-out. Dizzy, beyond comprehension. And I went on to experience these heartburn slash dizzy spells right up until I was diagnosed. I went to the doc about it back then, but I didn't mention the dizziness part. I don't know why not. I wish I had.


I am going to let the medical industry know, worldwide, as well.  This information may save someone's life in the future. Or al least, it wouldn't hurt to check.













Re: I was surprised to read this!

Thanks, Ankr. I suppose it's like anyone in just abut any profession. Some practitioners start off enthusiastic but become complacent over time. On this premise, and interestingly, a young Chinese doctor I saw recently when I was experiencing a severe arrhythmia attack (my heart's electrical system malfunctioning due to my cancer) was very helpful, professional and caring.


Shop around, is my advice to your friend. Oncologists come with a reputation. Find a good one. They are out there. My other piece of advice is to ask questions. I did, lot's of them, and though I found myself probing for answers on occasions, I did get the information that I wanted to hear.


I send all of my best wishes for your friend.



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