Introducing myself

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Introducing myself

Hi Everyone,


I have recently been informed that the olfactory neuroblastoma from which I recovered about 5.5 years ago has reoccurred on my frontal lobe. 

Other than the oncologist who I have seen regularly for 5.5 years, I am yet to speak with a specialist. The scan was 22/11/23 and my appointment with the neuro clinic will be 8/2/24  The time between discovery and first appointment feels as long as an eternity. High hopes that surgery will be very soon after that. 

I am 40, just opened my own psychology practice, was about to have my life arranged in the way I learned through having cancer before, that it should be (work life balance, more time for socialising, gardening, swimming, dancing, meditating) and it’s back! 

It has meant there is so much more work to do. I have contacted banks about the mortgages, lawyer, keeping gentle pressure on the doctors so they don’t forget me, writing a will, arranged house and dog sitting, cancelled holidays, informed people, managing relationships (!), investigating access to super, going to book an Airbnb near the hospital for visitors as my friends and family are regional and I’m in the process of moving just under 100 clients to other psychologists. 

Scared about brain surgery. 


Trying to make the most of things. I’m going to take off as much time as possible. Hoping for 6months. When/if  the pieces are all in place I’m hoping to dilute some of this fear and hardship with reduced stress, beach walks, building a kitchen table, snorkelling, meditating  and some doing nothing too. It’s odd to be feeling scared and excited at the same time. 

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Re: Introducing myself

Hello Shells,

I am glad that you decided to join this online community, thank you for sharing your story with us.

For sure life is a rollercoster, and can give us ups and downs and also so shake us to the core.  Reading your post, I can see how brave you are, doing all the right things to stay or trying to stay positive and calmed, under the circumstances, hoping for the best and preparing for the unexpected. 

Feeling scared is your natural response to all the uncertainty and everything else that you are going through at the moment, I am pretty sure you know that 😊

Good to know you have the love and support of  family and friends, I am sure it provides much needed comfort.

I hope other members of the community would like to share their experience with you, or just wish you all the best with your upcoming surgery. 🤞


Warm regards and best wishes


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Re: Introducing myself

Thanks for sharing your story. I hope you find loads of support here.

Your feels are so familiar. I feel an uneasy mix of fear and optimism.
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