Just been diagnosed with Uterine cancer

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Just been diagnosed with Uterine cancer

Ok not clearly so hard this step. I knew something was wrong and continued be sent home stress they said. I have a disabled child that was beaten by his teacher yeah one lady I was assured good with disabled kids bashes him. Had to remove him not her from school homeschool him. On top that dad died from cancer. my periods became non existant except every four or five months buckets of clots come out scary as I was changing every ten odd minutes wearing maturnity pads going thru them every hour still wasnt taken seriously just stress. can I have a ca125 test what for its a waste of money. my son watched as I stood up running to the toilet massive brown clot down my leg mum you pooed yourself it was blood had to clean it up and have a shower poor bugger didnt know what to do. So back to the drs ca125 clear you just wasted my time. Well this time I didnt just go home said look my poor son had to see what he saw something is wrong she did a papsmear that came back a little abnormal told come back in 2 years not the full five as new test is five years now. No cancer ok. went home bleeding stopped this time for two weeks not months fine first three weeks than whoosh the blood and pains back dr. start walking going out make friends destress. how about a dnc the lady took the bloods suggested it again the waste my time and if I refer you to a gyno look unprofessional dont care not leaving til you take me seriously. saw gyno oh your young usually for this we take the uterus but we leave it in incase you want kids. Now put on surgery list called in cancelled cause how dare I have an abortion its goods will. I not pregnant been seven or more years since I slept with anyone. its goodswill. Gyno said I be seen within four months so was the next four months calls and letters with dates and times come in for the dnc called gods will cancel or emergency have to cancel um surgery not for two weeks how do you know you will have an emergency at that time goodswill should thought that before getting pregnant. by this stage I am screaming at her not pregnant. this time spoke to one of the managers no they know its not an abortion right why they saying that. Finally got another call come in call day prior so we can give instructions. phone call in the morning expecting the old its cancelled no no its going ahead nearly six months later oh realised its actually illegal if I was pregnant to abort it that why the sudden you can actually come in. told first in line 7am I live out of town take it or leave it. see your game nope taking it. son dragged me to his house had me there 6:30 in the thick smoke from the firies they wouldnt let us in the building til 7am seriously so there I am coughing thinking ok they cancel it now I bloody choking on smoke. No no well I wasnt first or third but finally wheeled in on the table now they cant find the surgeon seriously oh we find her start counting back from ten. afterwards surgieon comes in look of death on her face. what you found cancer no no your fine something else oh ok. two weeks nothing son says oh mum how surgery go the other week mums fine dr said mummy be fine. the very next day phone call you need to come in this week like now. I on a bus to Melbourne i cant. she said thursday why oh results abnormal your getting your uterus out. What what but but. so silence all the rest of the way just want to go home now my eldest picks me up we were supposed to be car shopping he dont understand whats the point if I might not be around then he be burden with a spare car on top of his brother and the house etc if I wasnt here. Thursday comes again he forces me stay at his house but he leaves me there. now its my girlfriends mum had same thing and shes fine this woman supposedly preganant not even two weeks ago all of a sudden supposedly already been through this. tried explain to him darling of course they make stuff up afterall my youngest was bashed by their relatives and amount of lies they make daily. Now its it could be precancerous cells and taking uterus out or definately cancer and taking uterus out see if its spread to oh taking it to see if anything in there. all in one visit what do you mean oh the results werent clearly written. My jaw mustve dropped or something shes talking my son whose there to support your mother. He drops me home leaves keeps referencing the gf. I call him he dont want to talk so I ask how his been oh my mum has cancer how do you think. so he was listening maybe he was in shock like me. He still wont come home but texts I love you you got this. I have an appointment monday to talk to my dr the cancer council nurse said she wouldve been cc the results. so hoping its wrong like I was hoping one day having more just with everything I wanted to make sure the kids were right before adding and make sure right man or sperm bank. I now homeschooling my youngest his aceing everything infact his getting rewards left and right this thing that hurt him still funded 4 years later to teach him yet in the last four years when I called for help they wont I still get mail from the local school my son still has emails from them and they mark him everyday as there even though past four years his been at home aceing his online classes. His even passed music at the local school seriously they are passing him the funding must be performanced based cause his NEVER done music yet his passed it with flying colours. Education Minister well aware whats happening I even been offered a job if I shut up about it another mother took it I didnt. my kids are first second and third I come fourth with the cat. so yeah the count down to the next surgery and then if no cancer I lost out on more kids, cancer but only in there well its out, cancer and spread chemo etc unless its far too late then its put everything in order. Its the waiting and whats going to happen questions swirling around no sleep for me

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Re: Just been diagnosed with Uterine cancer

Hi Mel1981,

Wow, thank you for sharing your story Mel1981.

Some people just cruise through life and there are others of us who see a lot of challenges.

I'm sorry to hear about what you've had to experience, but then I'm also glad to hear about the wonderful job you're doing of raising your children.

Well done.

Please keep us updated as I'd love to hear more.



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