Just diagnosed and awaiting surgery

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Re: Just diagnosed and awaiting surgery

i have an ultrasound tomorrow after post menopause bleeding GP says he is treating it as cancer till proven other wise , im so afraid i feel sick I have an autistic daughter ( 35 ) but isnt 35 theres just the two of us now friends  no family. i fear ending up on the streets as we rent $$$ im angry as ive cared for others for 40 years now there is only me and daughter , when do I get to live ?/  I fear having to wait for treatment cos of the virus , my daughter senses my stress and keeps asking if im ok and if she is the cause .  Im so stressed i dont know what to do and never felt so alone 

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Re: Just diagnosed and awaiting surgery

So sorry to hear your situation. Try and stay positive because you haven’t had your ultrasound yet. See what that shows. If the endometrium lining is thickened they will do a biopsy. It’s my understanding that post menopausal bleeding can have many causes and I think I was told only 10% of bleeding and thickened endometrium results in a cancer diagnosis. Try and take it one step at a time. It’s good you have reached out for help from cancer council. Take care. 

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