Lacrimal Gland

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Lacrimal Gland

I'm 45 female have had right side headache above eye for 3 days.  Eye feels like pressure sore itchy and have moveable lump on lacrimal gland.  Lacrimal gland is inflamed and swollen.   Eye is a bit blurry.  I have previously had the retina detach is this eye.  Had ct scan get the results on Monday.  Just wondering if anyone has had this.  This type of cancer is extremely rare.  Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Lacrimal Gland


I'm very sorry to hear this.

Have you been diagnosed with this cancer already, or are you still awaiting results?

I believe that a CT scan is one of the diagnostic tools.  Are there reasons to suspect that you have this?

I don't know much about it personally, so I've tried to include some links below with some information.


best of luck!!!



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