Lung Surgery Succesful now to find out about my bowel.

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Lung Surgery Succesful now to find out about my bowel.

Hi , I had a left upper lobectomy and upper left thoractomy  for stage 1B lung adenocarcinoma on the 23rd of September 2020. The lymph nodes came back clear , and as my tumor was only 35mm my doctor dosen't think that chemo or radiotheraphy is need , but has refered me to an oncologist  to sign off on not needing it . Un forunately 3 weeks ago I developed pneumonia and pleurisy which just made the pain and breathing way more difficult .My lung cancer was actually found by mistake, I had a postive result come back from doing a home bowel test, from the kits you get in the mail and was advised to see my doctor, when I did she decided to do a chest  xray as well and that's how the cancer was found. What I'm worried about now is I am supposed to have an endoscopy and colonscopy done in December for the bowel cancer and I'm worried that won't happen now because of the state of my lungs. 

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Re: Lung Surgery Succesful now to find out about my bowel.

Hi Darlene,


I know a few people now that have found out about bowel cancer from the home testing kits.

While it's never great news finding out you have cancer, hopefully they've managed to catch this early and you will have a number of treatment options.


I'm not too sure what the state of your lungs is, so it's going to be hard for anyone here to know more.


As far as the endoscopy/colonoscopy goes, I guess you'll just need to discuss this your doctors. If the state of your lungs is bad and they need to wait for them to heel, maybe they'll choose to use a different scan. Say a CT scan and then give you some chemotherapy, while your lungs heal.

I'm speculating here. Best of luck and make sure you let us know how it goes!





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Re: Lung Surgery Succesful now to find out about my bowel.

I am an ex  thoracic surgical nurse and feel compelled to respond.     Lung cancer management has   very well documented pathways and it sounds like your pathway post surgery  re seeing an oncologist to sign off is per standard management.  Also, recommendations for ongoing care  are usually confirmed via a multidisciplinary team.    I would focus on getting the pneumonia under control, getting as well and as fit as possible so you can proceed with your bowel investigations.  Providing you respond to you chest treatment well it should not add a big delay your bowel investigations.  Bowel investigations are usually performed under sedation  and not a general anesthetic so you should be OK.    Jocelyn 

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