Lung cancer diagnosis


Re: Lung cancer diagnosis

Hi @Leanne71 , It is good to hear that your mom is responding well to Immunotherapy. But it is sad at the same time that now your father has been diagnosed!

What kind of cancer he is diagnosed with and what were the early symptoms that he decided to get tested?

Take care of your mother and father, I hope both will get better with the treatments.

Best of luck!

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Re: Lung cancer diagnosis

I take all of these side effects warnings with a grain of salt.

They may not effect you.

I had my 6th dose of Opdivo yesterday.Prior to my 1st infusion I was given pages of possible side effects. I have one, itching/rash which I have under control.

I was diagnosed with Stage III NSCLC in April 2017. I had 4 cycles of Gemzar+ Carboplatin followed by 4 rounds of Taxol + Craboplatin and 30 doses of radiation. I was for 16 months, cancer free. In 2019 I was rediagnozed. After 4 cycles of Alimta + Carboplatn  , chemo was halted./ My Haemoglobin had dropped to 71g/L. I had a chemo holiday until I started the Opdivo.

I turn 70 in July.

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Re: Lung cancer diagnosis

So glad that treatment seems to be working for you


I am not prepared to spend what is left of my life at the cancer institute,  hooked up to a machine.


At age 70,  I was still working and feeling just fine.  Didn't retire until I was 75 and have been enjoying these last few years.


My family has grown up,  even my grandchildren are adults now.  No-one reliant on me,  only myself.

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Re: Lung cancer diagnosis

Hi lyana271

sorry for late reply, been very busy shopping for both parents ( not together) and taking them both to appointments etc when I’m not working.

Dad has prostate & possibly bladder cancer. He has a cystoscopy every year so it was found then. He has trouble with urgent need to urinate, I think that was the first symptom. The Dr said there was cancer cells in both but he doesn’t know where the cancer actually is. I’ve researched this and that possibly means that they don’t know where the primary cancer is. Dad has a procedure on June 2 so should know more after that.  It so tiring and stressful dealing with it all on top of coronavirus. I am doing everything for my parents as well as trying to look after myself whilst suffering Fibromyalgia... and as a single parent trying to help my 16 year old son who has gone off the rails big time.  I’m trying to stay positive & happy but have my times when it’s all too much. I hope you are staying well?

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Re: Lung cancer diagnosis

Saw the radiology oncologist last week.  Nup - unless I have chemo  first,  it's not going to happen.


Where the primary cancer is located is very close to the Pulmonary artery,  the secondaries are over the Aorta.


I also have an Aortic aneurysm, located very close to the secondaries.


Is referring me to the palliative team.


Of course all of this takes, what seems to be a hell of a long time. 


I started this journey in about July last year.



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