Lung cancer diagnosis

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Lung cancer diagnosis

I've just been diagnosed with stage 2 left upper lobe lung cancer.


I was told they won't operate, because it has spread to the lymph nodes.


Booked in for next Monday for a further PET scan, blood tests and an exploratory bronchoscopy.


As I am older,  I am wondering if it really is worthwhile to undergo radiotherapy,  which has been mentioned as a possible course of action.







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Re: Lung cancer diagnosis

Hi Jorob,


I'm sorry that you have such a tough diagnosis.  I'm not sure what you mean by being older.  If you mean 102 years old then Radiotherapy is probably not an option for you.  Any younger than that and I think radiotherapy will give you a better chance at overcoming the disease.  I've read that the success rates now for lung cancer are pretty good.  It's a tiring slog having treatment every day but well worth the effort if it can give you a cure, minimise the acceleration of the disease or even shrink the tumour.  It all depends too on what your doctors advise.   Let us know what happens next and its good to have a place to discuss these issues.  


I wish you well for the future.

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Re: Lung cancer diagnosis

Morning @jorob,


I just wanted to check in and see how your scan and tests went? 💛

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