Mass deep in the neck

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Mass deep in the neck



This is not my first visit to this page as my mother is a cancer survivor which was briefly discussed here (in 2020/21, could be found on my profile). This time it is about me.

I do want to note that currently there has been no talks of cancer and I hope it will stay that way but knowing my family history it is always on my mind. Plus I am not from Australia, I am from Estonia and I hope it is not big of an issue, and sickness has no borders so I hope it is fine to share it among more international forum. 


I am a 23-year-old who during spring visited a neurologist due to migraines and tremor and I was sent to MRI just in case. Neither I or the doctor were expecting anything until the results came.

The pictures showed well defined mass 2,2x1,8cm in size right below the occipital bone deep in the neck (initially I did not know the exact location and was only told it was located somewhere in the back of the head). I had a similar scan back in 2016 and then it was not there. The MRI specialists assumed it is perhaps a neuroma or some other sort of benign nerve tumour. I was immediately given an appointment for ultrasound.

The ultrasound specialist was very kind to show me the tumour on screen as well. It was visible and indeed very circular in shape. It is located pretty deep between muscles right below the bone. She also checked if the tumour has blood circulation or any bigger vessels inside of it and it does- good circulation in outer layers and one main vessel going through it.

Yet she was very baffled as what it could be and said that neuroma sounds very unlikely as it would appear different. She also said that it is in fact a very strange location for a tumour to grow at all. So she called in another specialist from the department to have a look as well. He was just as confused and they were not even able to agree if it has a substantial blood circulation or not. Initially they were thinking of taking a biopsy right away but then decided it should be up to the neurosurgeon.

So I was sent off with almost zero new information and I was given a neurosurgeon appointment end of September. Initial diagnosis of benign nerve tumour has been changed to unknown tumour of unknown severity.

Any experience, stories, ideas what kind of creature I got in my neck?


I do not feel it, I have not noticed any changes in health, there is no stiffness or neck pain. Migraines and tremor are not caused by the tumour explained by doctor. I sweat profusely, get tired very easily and have no stamina but due to me being on antidepressants for years now (no worries, I am doing all good in that department!) it is probably the medication issue and not linked to the mass in the neck. 

I am not as worried but my mother is extremely worried because as mentioned in the beginning she almost lost her life to cancer so understandably it is triggering topic for her. 


I hope it is alright to post despite me not having any official diagnosis and it could very well be a benign tumour but since I have hard time finding any sort of sources or experiences from other people I am putting this out there.


Thank you! 


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