Newbie - Bowel Cancer Stage 3C

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Newbie - Bowel Cancer Stage 3C

Hi I am 46 years old and was told I had bowel Cancer on the 23rd of September officially. It has been a comedy of errors. As I was actually told by the lady conducting my CatScan that I had cancer. I have found a bit of lack of communication within the Medical industry when it comes to us the patient. Anyway, on the 13th October - I had 2/3rd of my bowel removed. Found out that the cancer was in at least 6 Lymph nodes. Had an infection and ended up back in hospital. I see my Chemo Doctor tomorrow. For the next stage of my journey. I have always had a positive outlook in life. But lets be honest there are days which just scare me for the future. This is my second round of cancer. I had early Cerivical Cancer when I was 23 years old. I was also tested for Lynch syndrom but it came back as negative. I would love to talk with people who have gone through the treatment or are on their own journey as well. I am in Melbourne.
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