Ovarian cancer

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Ovarian cancer

Has anyone had ovarian cancer here? I had a CT scan done on August 17th and they found a tumor on one of my ovaries, I went through surgery on August 27th (and quit smoking after 33 years btw) but they could not remove the tumor because it is too big, I will be starting chemo on this coming Friday and I’m very scared. 

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Re: Ovarian cancer

Hi Vanessa1


Sorry that you have cancer.  I'm sure there's someone here that will be able to give you some guidance.

Are they waiting to see if the chemo will shrink the tumour enough to then remove it surgically, or are they hoping it will shrink it totally?

Well done on giving up the cigarettes.  You'll be feeling a bit better just because you have, plus you'll save a lot of money now.



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Re: Ovarian cancer

Hello Budgie, thank you for your time, they basically want to shrink the tumor and go through surgery (again) and kill the few other tumors around my abdomens while they are at it, I have 5 sessions of chemo waiting for me. For the cigarettes, save money for sure but it’s not going good for my nerves....
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Re: Ovarian cancer

Hi Vanessa


I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I had bowel cancer. I started with surgery and now on to chemo.


Cycle 3 started yesterday. One week behind schedule because cycle 2 was quite brutal. I have nothing nice to say about it. Second time today I'm writing this... I  won't sugar coat it. I'm have not faced a treatment in a positive mind frame and I know it is important to have. So despite the lack of sugar, let me say it is the lesser of two evils. I'm feeling really crappy this cycle. However, another upside of my chemo reflections, it doesn't affect every one the same way. Some handle it very well, but I'm sure if you start it with a positive frame of mind it will be easier to endure.


All the best which your treatment. Don't be a stranger. Keep coming back to the forum. It's been a tremendous support on my journey.


Most importantly,  if you have a dog, post a picture. I firmly believe that dogs are a crittle part of the cure for cancer. This is my Bonnie.






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Re: Ovarian cancer


 Thank you Phil, I hope that I won’t feel as bad as you from the chemo. Here’s my fur babies (from left to right), Jackpot, Kira and Angel, all 3 rescues. 

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Re: Ovarian cancer

True about the nerves Vanessa - might be a good time to take up another hobby 🎯🎨🎶



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