Possible cancer


Possible cancer

I haven't been diagnosed yet but i have been losing weight for the past year. I went from 133 to 106 without trying. I do have cirrhosis but my liver function blood test are all good. I had an MRI 6 months ago which showed small lesions (LI-rads3). I have another MRI today and im terrified its going to be cancer. Was weight loss the 1st sign for anyone else? If so how fast and what type of cancer. I cant find any answers online

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Re: Possible cancer

Hi Daisy13,
Worrying is your worst enemy. It is what it is & there's no point in worrying because you will only cause yourself anxiety.
Weight loss can be a sign of hepatocellular carcinoma, but it can also be a sign of other things as well. Even if it is cancer, hopefully, you've caught it early, but, cross that bridge when & if you come to it. If it's cancer, you will have a good support network on this site. There are a heap of people who can give you advice etc, but please don't worry.

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Re: Possible cancer

Hey There - I think weight loss is a common early sign for cancer of the stomach, lung & pancreas.


If I can share my perspective on your post - diagnosing yourself with cancer is a mug's game.  It's a lose-lose scenario.  The best thing to do is suspend any emotional stake in the matter until you complete the diagnostic process, and approach that diagnostic process with all diligence.


Weight loss can also be due to an internal parasite, a thyroid problem, all kinds of medical stuff.  Don't diagnose yourself with them either.


If you have cancer, find out, and do what you can about it.


Fretting now, when you really have no idea one way or t'other, doesn't help you in any way.  If your future self could travel back through time, they'd give you one of two messages:


"Stupid, you were wetting your pants over NOTHING.   Don't forget to enjoy your life, anxiety is a slippery slope and you can't get those wasted hours of fretting and suffering back"




"It was cancer, and it was a horrible fight, but I won.  What helped me through it was keeping a forceful, positive outlook - focussing on succeeding with treatment.  The thing I regret most is sometimes forgetting to squeeze as much joy out of life as I could"


No matter what the situation, the anxiety only hurts you - if you have the tools, try and fight it.  If you don't have the tools, ask for help with managing it.


Just my two cents, sorry if it's off-track or offensive in any way, I wish you only the best of luck.


Hopefully you're in the clear.


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Re: Possible cancer

I hope the MRI went well for you.

When do you meet with your doctor to discuss the results?

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