Recurrent Bowel Cancer after 9 years

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Recurrent Bowel Cancer after 9 years

Hi, I recently found out that my bowel cancer has returned. I was first diagnosed 9 yrs ago and now at age 54 it has spread to my left ovary.   Before my laparoscopy to determine the pathology my Dr requested a PET scan and they found thyroid cancer as well apparently unrelated to the bowel cancer.  I am scheduled for hipec surgery early December.

Has anyone else had this surgery? 

The strange thing is that i don't feel that sick other than tiredness.  I found out that the cancer was back in early November following a slight pain on my right side near the belly button and the gp ordered a CT scan.  Since then my life has been turned upside down. 

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Re: Recurrent Bowel Cancer after 9 years

Hello and welcome to the Online Community @Georgie we hope you'll receive a lot of great advice and support from your fellow community members.


How are you doing today?


We have a great podcast on managing cancer fatigue that you may like to listen to, they discuss some really great tips for managing your fatigue. 


I am going to recommend you give our 13 11 20 team a call and have a chat to them about the Cancer Connect program. You may find talking to one of our volunteers about the surgery or your new diagnosis valuable. Feel free to tell them I (Kate) sent you, they sit right near me Smiley Happy There may also be some other services or support options that you may be interested in exploring.


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