Shocked & scared

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Shocked & scared

On Thursday I found that I have an 8cm tumor in my bowel. I have had scans to work out if it’s spread etc. My next appointment is Tuesday. I’m in knots. I have Coeliac Disease & I keep wondering if I’ve been doing anything wrong with my diet to cause this. I have 2 children. My mind keeps racing to awful scenarios. 


Re: Shocked & scared

That, unfortunately, tends to be a usual reaction to the news of cancer. The important thing though is to try to keep your mind focussed elsewhere. Concentrate on the positive. There are many reasons we get cancer but they're not always obvious. Still, the question haunts us, "What did I do to cause this?" It's a question which, for most of us, will never be answered. The main thing is you're doing something about it now, and you have a medical team helping you through it. Good luck.

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Re: Shocked & scared

What's your diet approach? Well, it actually depends but, let's wait for the result of your appointment. For now, keep still and let's hope for the best.

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Re: Shocked & scared

Hi Lindy-Lou,


I can't imagine the worry you have , with children to look after as well (I've lucked out on things like a family due to depression, with the exception of a lovely girl German Shepherd doggo called Alita).

The thing to remember here is that you have done NOTHING wrong to cause this. As a tradie working on a building site said to me when I blew my stack at him for accidentally cutting through our main water pipe, "These things happen". 

I have CLL, and the irony is that it was not caused by my past smoking / drinking / drug use; lung cancer was my main worry, but then fate decided to give me a completely non-related cancer.  Damn you fate !


My stress will probably be the death of me, but I have no choice in the matter; things will be hard, but remember to take care of yourself, and find what is stressing you (besides this cancer) and start making changes to GET RID of that stress where you can, for your immune system and your life. 

Keep strong for your kids as long as you can  🙂


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