Sinus Cancer 3 Years Now Driving Me Mad

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Sinus Cancer 3 Years Now Driving Me Mad

Hi All


I have been fighting cancer since June 2017. Was given 6 months to live but still alive after 3 years fighting this Sinus Cancer in my Ethmoid and Frontal Sinus with Mets to my left upper lobe of my left lung. The cancer fight was going well up until my last radiation to my frontal sinus region. Since the last radiation 3 months ago i have been suffering serious anxiety and fatigue plus i have lost my appetite. I have become very anxious and worried to eat plus also since the last radiation when my wife comes and gives me a hug i find it difficult to hug my wife because i feel like i cant breathe and suffocating every time she gives me a hug. 


Doctors currently have me on Oxycontin for the pain which i have been on for a while so it cant be the medications so i am baffled why i have all of a sudden become very anxious to the point of being scared to eat and scared to hug my wife due to this fear of feeling i cant breathe. It has affected my relationship with my wife and i cant understand what is going on with me since my last radiation as i have been through so much treatment i never felt this way before but since my last radiation my fatigue has been severe but now i have this anxiety that i have never felt before. Any advice or if someone has experienced this before it would be great to know how you improved your quality of life because my last 3 months have been hell.

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Re: Sinus Cancer 3 Years Now Driving Me Mad



Welcome to our forums friend, trust me when I say that feeling somewhat anxious is perfectly,. especially around loved ones for different reasons. Almost everyone has at same point, it's just human nature I suppose, I use to fine taking my time and slightly distancing myself physical but not emotionally would help or finding a loved interest, would help.


How are you going??

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