Skin cancer

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Skin cancer

Hi all, just looking to read similar experiences for a bit of reassurance I guess. I had a strange mole suddenly appear on my lower leg. I was not initially worried about it but I did mention it to my doctor at an appointment I had made for a separate issue. It was removed a few days later and tested. Silly me consulted Dr Google and after not bothering about it at first, I went straight to thinking the worst and suspected it could be melanoma. Thankfully it wasn’t, although I was told it was Bowen’s disease which is early form of skin cancer. I am left a bit shocked as I don’t share many of the risk factors associated with this form of skin cancer - I am only 29, I have dark skin, eyes and hair (Filippino background), I don’t spend a great deal in the sun (I rarely go to the beach and I’m mostly indoors for work), I have no family history of skin disease etc. While I was told mostly not to worry and from what I’ve read, it seems I am truly lucky since it could be much worse, I can’t help but feel worried. What’s more, the pictures and description of Bowen’s disease I’ve seen don’t quite match the mole I had removed. I keep thinking maybe they have misdiagnosed it and it was something more sinister? I have read up on modular melanoma and have myself thinking maybe it’s that (the pictures look more like the mole I had). Or perhaps I am sensationalising things due to my fear? Should I be seeking a second opinion? Can anyone share their experiences of skin cancer? I am really anxious and a bit confused. Many thanks 

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Re: Skin cancer

Hi @smbonford,


I have sent you a private message to welcome you to the Online Community, but thought I would reply to your post as well.


It seems that you have questions about the diagnosis of your mole. It can be very confusing when looking online, especialy trying to work out which are the most reliable sources on the internet. It might be worth chatting with your GP again and expressing your concerns and discussing whether a second opinion would be helpful. 


Please also feel free to contact the health professionals on the Cancer Council Information and Support line (phone131120) to discuss your questions. 


There is a Cancer Council publication on skin cancer which you may also find helpful. Click here to access it online.


There is also some useful information about Bowen's Disease from the Australasian College of Dermatologists here.


Wishing you all the best.


Kind regards,


Online Community admin team

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