Vax for Covid 19

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Vax for Covid 19



I have recently completed Radiation and some Chemo (4 weeks ago) and was wondering whether it is safe to take AZ Vax given that it might not be good for those who have blood clot.  I had some blood clot during Chemo.  I have checked with my Oncologists but they are not committal.   I personally think it is better to take Pfizer but I am not eligible.  I think we should be given a choice as long as we are prepared to pay for it.  


I would be grateful for any advice.




Re: Vax for Covid 19

Do you have a GP? I found my GP  gives a complete answer. Oncologists seem vague and if you mention GP they say to follow GPs advice. If you can't take Astrazenica then you're entitled to Pfizer. My GP said Pfizer but I already had the Astrazenica. I'm half way through chemo/radiotherapy for lung cancer and no issues with the AZ.  But I didn't have any blood issues during therapy.  Best speak to your GP.

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Re: Vax for Covid 19

Make it clear to your Doc that you are a blood clot risk, and ask him that you have priority for the Pfizer vaccine.

Sorry to get off topic here, but Scott Morrison and his Liberal stoogies want to save face after purchasing the cheapest, most dodgy vaccine (short of the Chinese one) in massive quantities. The elderly and frail should be given Pfizer priority, as it is less risky than Astra. By all means, take Astra if there is a serious outbreak nearby, it would be better than the virus, but see your GP or oncologist, etc., for permission to go for Pfizer as a special case. 

The government says Astra is "Well Safe" after strenuous testing, but that is a load of crap. All medicines require at least five to ten years of testing before being released to the public; these vaccines are emergency issues, with no testing whatsoever- the current test subjects are "live" (us poor citizens), but the Pfizer is a hell of a lot safer than Astra, especially for the elderly. Banning people over 60 from having that vaccine is nothing short of criminal.


Re: Vax for Covid 19

Hi Rico

I would ask my GP for a referral to a Haematologist and a Dietitian as soon as you can. You need lots of sleep and rest to boost immunity (building of essential blood cells and enabling your body to detox naturally); and a healthful diet of fresh veg and fruit, lean protein, clean water and appropriate fats as well as exercise. These boost immunity. Above all, brush your teeth and maintain oral health - get a proper dental cleaning - the mouth harbours harmful disease-causing bacteria. Do not eat fast-food or deep-fried 'food'; or junk and avoid artificial sweeteners - these do nothing good. There is lots of help out there.



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