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I have been told that once my chemo starts I will lose my hair.  Everyone tells me about the wigs I can wear.  I must admit before having cancer, I thought every female with cancer wore a wig.  But the more I have thought about it, I dont want a wig.  Anyone else feel this way?  I am not ashamed of having cancer, and when my hair falls out it falls out, if I wear a wig, am I only making those around me feel less akward? I will be happy with scarves, and I have started to collect them now.  If we have hair fever, we go around with red eyes, a cold we have a red nose, so with some chemo we end up bald.  If I lose my hair, I am still me.  Would love to hear other peoples experiences or thoughts.

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Re: Wigs

Hi Frankie


I'm not experienced yet. My chemo is still to come. I am told I won't need such a strong treatment and may not lose my hair.


I'm not sure what to expect. I'm treating all the advice I get as a good guideline, weighing towards the positive. I'm not worried if I lose my hair. I was told it will grow back, but thinker and fluffier. I'll be happy if it grows back with less grey.


I think it's fine to avoid the wig. If you are confident to do it, then go for it. 


All the best...

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