Litton test


Litton test

I just found out pop got this.

I was never informed this was code for genIV, a genetic test,  maybe.

I have seen great results with this for breast cancer (78% confidence lvl)

but my sample set 10000>n>5000

of 5k records indicates there is no statistical significance

in terms of certainty above 56% that this works for any type of cancers besides breast cancer.

(besides two or 3 or unidentifyable data points - luck?)

No there are a couple of other specific, not as widespread cancers, in the population but not prostate cancer.

My latest understanding is that everyone has cancer 'built in' to thier genome to highly varying degrees

and that the likelyhood of developing full blown cancer is dependent on exposure to carcinogens, free radicals etc even UV rays.

Sorry this is highly disorganized.


anyone know more about this?


any real cases of + or - outcomes with prostate cancer or others?

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Re: Litton test


Sorry, I'm not sure what a Litton test is.




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Re: Litton test

it seems worth it to go for this


the statistical norm is you have a case like some other

and respond to the 1 or 2 or 3 most common treatments.

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