Will be diagnosed next week

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Will be diagnosed next week

I had a CT scan last week and yesterday my dr Called me and said I have a lesion and a kidney stone. I’ll find out more on Tuesday. I’m 36 and had a baby six months ago. 

I am so scared and just know I will die. My mum has ovarian cancer and now this. I don’t want to die I want to watch my daughter grow up. 

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Re: Will be diagnosed next week

Hi Newmum.  Terrifying time for you.  You probably don't know for sure yet if the lesion is cancerous or not.  Either way, we have the best doctors and hospital systems in the world.  There are many new break throughs with immunotherapy, radiotherapy is much safer and the chemotherapy drugs will probably be the best available.  Whatever happens, hopefully you will be able to fight and see your daughter grow up.  Nothing is for certain just yet.  This is a good place to talk about your hopes and fears.  Wish you the best of luck with whatever lays ahead of you right now.  Be kind and gentle with yourself right now.  Once you know what the plan is you will be able to deal with it.  The uncertainty is the hard part.  I hope you come through this.  Please let us know how you are going - anytime.   Lots of lovely supportive people here.

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Re: Will be diagnosed next week

Hello @Newmum84 and welcome to the community!


How did your appointment go on Tuesday?


Sending hugs ❤️



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