breast cancer - diagnosed last week

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breast cancer - diagnosed last week

Hi - i am new here.  I have just received the diagnosis of Stage 2 invasive breast cancer HER2 +++ and ER + - I am awaiting the results of further biopsies for other breast lumps which i get on Weds.   

I would love to hear from others who are going through similar things.  




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Re: breast cancer - diagnosed last week

Hi Annie66,

There are a number of people on here who have experienced things not different from yourself.

How are you feeling about this so far?

Do you have a support network and other people that you can discuss this with you?


Good luck for tomorrow!


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Re: breast cancer - diagnosed last week

Thank you 🙏 x
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Re: breast cancer - diagnosed last week

Hi Annie


Welcome to the forum. I think you will benefit from being here. It's a good place to cry, complain, speak your mind and ... rejoice. Even for just a good read.


I can't give you guidance on your specific cancer. Mine was lower, hopefully all gone now. Chemo is now teaching me some new life lessons. 


I can offer guidance from my own experience though. My life has changed. Normal turned upside down for me. I went though ever emotion that's been written about (good and bad). I'm 47 and faced the possibility of dying young. Good news is that I'm not. My cancer is now removed and chemotherapy is my insurance policy. As are regular checkups for the rest of my life. All this sounds like a rough ride and I won't sugar coat it. As I often ride in rally cars and cross busy streets, i've always been at risk of dying young.  However, I've learnt a lot from one of my friends on this forum, Claire. She looks at it as being a gift, which has resonated with me. We get to look at life from a different angle and it has been rewarding. You look forward with an appreciation of life that the healthy do not possess. Mostly, what you'll see is this overwhelmed compassion from people around you. And this is where life changes. You'll need to stop being the backbone of your family and circle of friends. Just focus on your healing. I can't speak from everyone's perspective but I'm overwhelmed. I have been inundated with support from friends, family, medical staff, community support and... this forum.


I used to hate being the weak one. Push through the pain. Don't ask for help. I can do this on my own. Bottle everything up. One of my nurses advised me to stop that and let people help me because they want to and I need it. It's been a profound change to my life.


I hope this helps. I hope you are surrounded by loved ones to help you. All the best with your results and treatment.





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Re: breast cancer - diagnosed last week



I couldn't agree more with Phil.  When I was first diagnosed (and completely dumbfounded as there is NO cancer in my family) I was going to do everything for myself as I am a single parent of teen and that has been my MO since forever.  Once I told close family and friends, I have been overwhelmed by the kindness.  It's humbling and healing for everyone (you and them).  


I am also ER and PR positive. I have finished 8 rounds of chemo and had a mastectomy in August so just waiting for  radiation to begin.  




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