neuroendocrine tumour

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neuroendocrine tumour

I am in hospital having just had a tumour removed, it was only found days before and noone knew what it was. Now pathology is back and i'm told it was cancer, a neuroendocrine tumour, but as my surgeon was just a general surgeon he knows nothing about cancer and i am just left hanging again! So i was wondering, is that it? Is my cancer gone before i even knew about it? Or is this just the begining? What treatment is next? What happens? Can it be in other places already? And why can't anyone in this hospital come and answer my questions? I feel more and more anxious by the day not knowing what's going to happen, not knowing anything about my cancer. Please, if someone else has had this and is going through treatment (or not as the case maybe) please help me know what to expect!
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Re: neuroendocrine tumour

G'day Suddenly Sarah Ring the Cancer Helpline 13 11 20 and talk to the people there. They can give you information and also suggest some of the questions you needs to ask. There is a new Foundation out there specifically for people who have endocrine tumours - you can get more information at Hope all goes well Cheers Sailor An incorrectly identified mark is a hazard, not an aid, to navigation. Alton B. Moody
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