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I have survived bowel cancer stage 1 by having my large bowel removed in July 2014. The drastic surgery I opted for has given me permanent re plumbing and due to surgery complications almost killed me with a long stint in intensive care.....but I have since recovered and have worked really hard to make sure I look at the positives. The cancer was contained and the new digestive system is not changing the way I choose to live my life. I thought I had survived the worst that was in store for me.. Tests have showed - although currently cancer free- I am still at high risk of developing other types of digestive cancers and I can do nothing more than sit and wait for scan results every 6 months for the rest of my life. I am a " take the bull by the horns kinda girl." This sit back and wait approach is leaving me feeling helpless, vulnerable and anxious. I am posting here as I feel isolated. I don't want to discuss this feeling of dread and anxiety with my husband or family as I don't want to burden them. I feel like they have already suffered just as much as me due to this insidious disease. I would like to hear from people who have been through cancer - what strategies you have used to help your mind to cope with fear and helplessness that cancer insights.
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Re: Anxiety

Dear Hally Sorry to hear you have had so much to deal with. If you feel isolated maybe it is worth talking to a counsellor with experience in helping people with cancer. Why not ring the cancer council and get a referral in your area. I have had cancer last year and have a check up on 7/3 so know what it is like to have that anxious what if feeling. Also I lost my oldest friend who couldn't support me so sometimes it can be important to find your own dedicated person outside famly and friends who you wont need to take care of re their response or feelings. All the best and keep hold of those horns! GHT
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