CT scan blues

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CT scan blues

It's 3am. Can't sleep have those built up nervous energies  again. Nearly 6 months ago (WOW! is that right!!) I felt the same way, before my CT scan. I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. I had half my thyroid removed . Recovery was excellent.  When I had my initial CT scan they also found a noudule on my lung that was to be reviewed in six months. The last couple of months I've become quite unwell, extremely fatigued out of breath, back & chest pain. I'm booked in for a CT scan today at 12. I'm  mentally preparing myself for whatever the outcome.  Shout out to you all going through your own battles, & sleepless nights. Your not alone.  

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Re: CT scan blues



If your don't mind me asking - How are you currently holding up? I was wondering if there was something I can do for you?

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