CT scan blues

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CT scan blues

It's 3am. Can't sleep have those built up nervous energies  again. Nearly 6 months ago (WOW! is that right!!) I felt the same way, before my CT scan. I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. I had half my thyroid removed . Recovery was excellent.  When I had my initial CT scan they also found a noudule on my lung that was to be reviewed in six months. The last couple of months I've become quite unwell, extremely fatigued out of breath, back & chest pain. I'm booked in for a CT scan today at 12. I'm  mentally preparing myself for whatever the outcome.  Shout out to you all going through your own battles, & sleepless nights. Your not alone.  

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Re: CT scan blues



If your don't mind me asking - How are you currently holding up? I was wondering if there was something I can do for you?

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Re: CT scan blues

Hi iloveyoudearly
For me pre Scan blues were limited but found the “what if” post scan results were the ones based on at the time no known results were the hardest.
Had a number of positive results well at least , slow, reduction, improved were the words used, but the no change, increased or new negative results were the hardest to take in and deal with as you feel oh well here we go again, what’s the next plan of attack.
Each journey and emotion good bad and indifferent do often take all our strength to surpass and negotiate, but with love support and understanding we do get through.
I think for me acknowledging all of my feelings are so very important, staying strong being positive making good informed decisions has helped me though my journey.
May your journey be as good as you can make it, freely ask and take support from all you hand out your hand to and know You Are Not Alone
Best Wishes Thoughts & Prayers
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