Aromatherapy massage

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Aromatherapy massage

I have found it easier to cope by having  Aromatouch Technique, it is one of the most enjoyable massages I have ever had , very relaxing, most massages i find they hurt me some how and I just don't relax or i get cramps. This involves the use of therapudic grade essential oils applied during the massage it is wonderful and has many health benifits. I also use the oils in everyday life as well to help combat illness and uplift moods and reduce fluid and aleveate stress and promote resful sleep.

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Re: Aromatherapy massage

Welcome back @lizyole, it's really good to see you on here again!


I do hope you have been well since we saw you here last.


Your experience with massage and the Aromatouch Technique sounds really positive, I am so pleased that it is working well for you. The added health benefits sound amazing as well Smiley Happy

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