Australia’s first cancer survivorship centre launched


Australia’s first cancer survivorship centre launched

Peter Mac media release Wednesday 25 August 2010 Quotes from media release: "For immediate release Wednesday 25 August 2010 Australia’s first cancer survivorship centre launched Minister for Health, Daniel Andrews MP, will today launch the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre, at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (Peter Mac), in East Melbourne. The Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre has been established at Peter Mac, with funding support from The Pratt Foundation and the Victorian Department of Health. It aims to improve outcomes for people affected by cancer, from diagnosis onwards and after completion of cancer treatments. Director of the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre, medical oncologist Associate Professor Michael Jefford said while cancer survival rates are improving, unfortunately many cancer survivors continue to experience side effects, may feel lost or abandoned or may struggle rebuilding their life after cancer. ”Patients often get a pat on the back at the end of treatment. However, support from the hospital quite suddenly disappears. Survivors can feel abandoned and uncertain. They might feel a pressure to try to go back to life as it was before cancer. It’s just not that easy or possible. We need to support people better at this transition period and into life.”" and "The Centre will develop information and resources for patients and carers, will provide education and training for health staff and a vehicle for health professionals and researchers to keep informed and share information and experience. “We will work with patients, carers, survivors, consumer groups, health professionals and with government to ensure that survivors, their families and friends have the information, support and services that they need to stay well and to thrive” said Professor Jefford." {end of quotes from media release} The Survivorship Centre web address is Please do post any comments you have or maybe you would like to post a review or assessment of the Survivorship Centre as a resource :) Cheers, Ed.
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Re: Australia’s first cancer survivorship centre launched

I was excited when I heard this on the ABC last night. I just wish that there was something in Sydney. IS the new centre at RPA going to address this I wonder? S
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