Everyone gets it here; I don’t have to explain

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Everyone gets it here; I don’t have to explain

womanusinglaptop.jpg"Everyone gets it here; I don’t have to explain."


These are words from a young adult cancer survivor who participated in the Re-claim Life online program.


Re-claim Life is an online program for cancer survivors aged between 25 and 40 years, to come together to explore their cancer experience. We know that despite best intentions, other people do not always fully understand the impact of cancer on your life.


"I feel understood in this group. Other people lack comprehension of my experience."


Led by two counsellors, the aim of the program is to help participants develop better coping skills and better manage their cancer-related concerns in the early survivorship period.


Just because treatment is over, doesn’t mean life goes back to normal. Whether you are looking to form a new relationship, start a family, return to the workforce or just figure out how to go about your life now, Re-claim Life is a great place to start.


Through group discussion and education, participants gain tangible strategies to build resilience and coping skills. The format of the program is via videoconferencing with between 4 and 6 participants attending six, weekly sessions.


To find out more or to get involved, call Cancer Council NSW on 1800 734 398.


Note: This program is open to Australian survivors, aged between  25-40 years of age.


Re-claim Life is part of a larger research study developed by Ursula Sansom-Daly, Claire Wakefield and colleagues at the Behavioural Sciences Unit, Kids Cancer Centre, UNSW Sydney. Cancer Council NSW has partnered with the university to deliver the program.

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Re: Everyone gets it here; I don’t have to explain

Just a reminder for any young Australians that may be interested in the program, please get in touch with Cancer Council on 1800 734 398 😘

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