Hair loss after cancer treatment


Hair loss after cancer treatment

I am very concerned about the condition of my hair I finished chemo treatment for non hodgkins lymphoma on the 21st November.  My hair started to grow back after my 5th treatment of RCHOP.  It initially grow back the same colour as my hair was before but after having a trim to even up my  hair it has started to grow back white.  I am quite horrified.  I did have a little bit of grey but mostly mid brown hair before.


The scalp is very white looking and I wear a hat or cap most of the time.  Will it ever grow back to my normal colour I am in my mid 60s and dont fancy have completely white hair.  Can you please give me some advice.


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Re: Hair loss after cancer treatment

Hi Debbie, l am recovering from Oesophgeal Cancer ( junction of the stomach & oesophugus .. l had treatment of chemo & radiation 2018 and lost all my hair , had lots of complications and my hair didn’t start to grow back until January 2019 and it grew back firstly very dark , some grey and then very white ... l had always had my hair coloured at the Hairdressers ( Blonde with foils )  once it grew long enough to colour , l just started to have it coloured again, it did take a few goes to get it all the one colour but we got there ! Wasn’t ready to have white hair not yet anyway ! I am same age as you ... so my advice is go to your local hairdresser , they are very used to working with woman who have had cancer and don’t want to have white or grey hair .. good luck Trish

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