Life after total glossectomy

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Life after total glossectomy

I'm 67 years old and was diagnosed with tongue cancer mid 2017. Since then, I've endured two rounds of radiotherapy (8 weeks, then 6 weeks), and my most recent surgery involved a total glossectomy. My lastest check up was a week ago and given the all clear.

I'm very lucky that:

1. I have the love and support from my family and friends

2. I'm still actively working and enjoying my work as a practising accountant

3. I'm in incredibly good spirits and philosophical about it

I do struggle with a speech impediment and being unable to eat solid food.

I'm wondering if anyone has experienced what I've gone through and in particular, how to deal with excessive salivation in addition with the loss of a tongue, with speech problems and eating normally.

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Re: Life after total glossectomy

Good afternoon @Ronnielym  and welcome!


I am so glad that you have a great support network around you, that's incredibly important!


I wonder if you've come across this thread: Your experience with side effects from head & neck cancer treatment (radiation / mucositis)  yet?


There are a lot of people in a similar position to yourself that have posted or are posting in that thread about their experiences Heart



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