Living with advanced cancer

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Living with advanced cancer

Advanced cancer - This means the cancer has spread from the original (primary) site or has come back (recurred).


Health professionals use several different terms to describe cancer that has moved beyond early stages, including secondary, metastatic, stage 4 and advanced. Sometimes health professionals don’t use a particular name. Regardless of the words used, it’s frightening to hear that the cancer has spread or come back.


Cancer Council offers general information about advanced cancer: what it is, how it is treated, what might happen and what support is available. There is also information for the family and friends of people who have advanced cancer. You may find reading about advanced cancer distressing – read what seems useful now and leave the rest until you’re ready.


Cancer Council has a webpage on Advanced Cancer which can be accessed via this link. Click through the pages on the left handside.


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Re: Living with advanced cancer

Great share! Actually, this is something we should always be aware of.  We should be always ready because we don't know how traitor cancer is. 

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