Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

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Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Just wondering how many members have questions related to this trouble. Presently, I don't have any outstanding questions, but as I have been dealing with this since 2017 I thought there may be some folks that would like to ask questions.


But an interesting point here is that I am NOT in Australia. I live in Japan. I actually thought the software here would block my trying to register because of my IP address, but the registration worked, obviously.


Still, cancer has no national borders, so maybe I can offer advice based upon my own experience, and I might very well have questions of others at some future date.


A rough summary for me is an initial course of chemotherapy; about six months of maintenance chemotherapy which was interrupted by the Covid-19 trouble, which I didn't catch; a second course of inpatient chemotherapy due to a relapse; and now an outpatient course of chemotherapy due to the cancer moving into a membrane around my brain, and the membrane was swelling, but seems to now be under a sort of control.


I've got about another six months of this outpatient course to go.


Seems my system is pretty stout, so I haven't had so much trouble with all this. Bit on the aged side, I suppose should be stated --- late sixties. Very late sixties, to be more honest.


I'm not much liked by the staff at the hospital because I keep spotting errors by their staff and am not quiet about such errors. I also don't think nursing staff are given enough respect by doctors here, but am not sure if that is a cultural matter, or common in other nations. I'm not even sure if site management allows us to discuss that here.


As can be easily seen by this post I am not exactly a docile-type patient.


I suppose that's enough for now.


Well, one more thing --- I think a comparison of notes about differences in approach to medical problems related to this type of cancer treatment --- differences between Japan and Australia, could be very enlightening for certain individuals who may have some interest in that aspect of this field of medicine. I would think a forum like this could be educational for medical professionals as well as patients.

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Re: Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Hi M-Nyby,

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We hope you find this site useful and informative.


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