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Meetups in Sydney

Hi all,


It's been 3 years since my chemotherapy for non-hodgekin's lymphoma finished. I didn't think I would survive, and when I found out I was going to live I was just so excited for everything to go back to normal. I returned to work 2 years ago when I was 25 and I don't know if I really accepted what happened. Nowadays I live with friends, but when they go I find myself feeling very isolated and alone. The memories and feelings all come rushing back. Does anyone else suffer with feelings like this? I wish there were more meetup groups for cancer survivors in my local area, ideally for young people so I can make some new friends. I find it very hard to go out, sometimes I get so tired I just sleep instead of doing anything, but I think if there was a meetup group for people like me I would have the energy to go. Thank you 🙂



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Re: Meetups in Sydney

Hi Sasha, I think how you are feeling is quiet normal for someone who has experienced a traumatic event in their life, as you obviously have. It can be quiet hard to accept what happened and move on. I had/have similar feelings after a nasty motor vehicle accident, so I can appreciate how you are feeling. I'm not aware of any meetup groups or meetings in Sydney related to cancer recovery, but if you are unable to find any, I would encourage you to seek assistance from either a doctor or a therapist. The talking about what you went through and your experience, will help you immensely (and obviously this is what you are seeking help with here in this post). Good luck. S.
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