Dealing with Scan Scares

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Dealing with Scan Scares

Hi all,


I just needed to unload some of my thoughts, other wise I may go crazy. 


I was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma in 2013 and was treated with 10 months of chemo and radiation. I went into remission in 2014 and was told March 2018 that I was finally cured. However, they said I would need just one more scan in a years time, just to be sure.
So this week I got that scan and went for my appointment yesterday...where of course Doctors found some things that have concerned them. It could be absolutely nothing...this has happened before. Of course I have to wait two months until they check again. But I am just so frustrated because I was close to getting out. Since my Cancer was treated, I built a new career, got married and am currently trying to have a baby through egg donor/IVF. But news like this takes me straight back to feeling terrified, scared and lonely. I've got people there for me but they all say the same things...'you'll be fine'...'stay positive'...'don't stress'. But this just makes me feel like I'm not aloud to be scared and I feel alone. 
Like I said, this quite possible will just be another scare but I am just feeling so low right now, I don't know if I can get past this feeling of absolute emptyness. 


Ok, my rant is over. Back to work now. 



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Re: Dealing with Scan Scares

Morning @Bel91 and welcome to the Online Community!


What a whirl you must be in!! And you are definitely allowed to feel scared, I would be too Heart


Have you given 13 11 20 a call? Our team are great to have a chat to and they might have counselling options in your state that could assist at this time or other programs that might help.


I am going to include a few resources below too that I think will be of interest to you:

There's an Australian organisation based in Perth, called Sock it to Sarcoma and they also have support available that you may want to take a look at.


I would also remind you that you are entitled to seek a second opinion if you wanted to.



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Re: Dealing with Scan Scares

Hi Bel91 - I don't think there is anything that upset me more than people telling me, "don't worry, you'll be right".  I wanted to scream at them and ask how they could possibly know that!  I realise that they thought they were being supportive but the most  useful thing anyone ever said to me when I talked about how anxious I felt in the lead up to check-up times, "Given what you've been through, I can quite understand how frightening this feels for you.  I'm so sorry you have to go through this."  I strongly recommend that you  look for a support group for cancer survivors in your area if that's possible, because it is in being able to share your fears and worries with others who have been or are still in the same boat as you, that will definitely help you to get through those challenging times.  Where do you live?  

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