Oesophageal Cancer - Recovery

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Oesophageal Cancer - Recovery

Hi - I would love to hear from any recovered / recovering oesophageal cancer people on how they dealt with all the post-op problems - nausea, loss of appetitie, loss of weight, fatigue & pain (Endone at present). I am 5 weeks post-op (chemo / radiotherapy ran concurrently finished Christmas last year) - all clear but struggling with loss of strength - unable to work since October last year. I was lucky as only Stage II. I understand it takes many many months to recover & return to normal functioning, work and exercise. The days are very long as there is not much I can do but sleep - I guess this is common to all types of cancer. Your suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

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Re: Oesophageal Cancer - Recovery

i have  voice box cancer 5 months post treatment .Im still suffering side effects Bi believe should get better just taking every day as it comes god  bless        gerry


Re: Oesophageal Cancer - Recovery

Dear Nanleybythsea


I must admit I have not found many people on this site with EC so considering about 1500 people a year are diagnosed it’s nice to catch up ! ! ! 

I’ll try and make it short OK

Nov 2011 diagnosed S2 oesophageal cancer, Jan 2012 down to Perth for chemo, radiation therapy and big opp part of oesophagus and 3/4 of stomach removed, pre opp 117kgs & post opp 77kgs.

Regular CT scans in remission till CT scan in July 2020 cancer top of left Lung, more chemo.

PET Scan Jan 2021 still S4 “ it’s a bugger you can’t go backwards” cancer has spread to oesophagus, right kidney, groin, sternum & on back at T9 & T11, more chemo for these areas however intrusion to spinal canal at L4 radiation therapy finished 5/6 weeks ago.

Due to see oncologist and radiation therapist early April 2021 for next plan of attack.

Intrusion at L4 has seen reduced strength in both legs but more instability and weakness in left leg, so walking with a cane.

Taste well everything tastes like cardboard and VERY BLAND have to spice things up a bit, have gone off some foods but this does fluctuate from time to time, but I do eat more fruit and yoghurt but pretty much cook what I like and what has good flavours, Curry’s and spicy dishes are some of my favourites, ham and cheese roles with sliced meat and pickles is a good.one.

Pain  management is steroids to block the pain signal also on slow release  OxyContin and lypralin and quick release Hydromorphone but I try not to take these latter ones till I have to, also on tremazepam for sleeping.

Fatigue has always been an issue particularly bad into my 3rd round of 4 FLOT chemo rounds slept most nights and for 6 days when I got home.

Still working a full week but I’m buggered come Friday’s so look forward to the weekends and spending more time with family and friends.

Weight always wanted to get to 88kgs for some reason got as high as 87.4 but never made it, I’m currently 73kgs which is a bit light on for being 194.5 cm tall.

Neuropathy in my toes and feet has been an issue for a number of years, more noticeable (constant) in the last 6/8 months and is having more of an effect recently in the grip and strength in my fingers, struggle to open a carton of milk.

Well my story was not that short ️but I thought you would like an overview at least it helps you form a picture.

I wish you all the very best in your journey, stay strong, be strong, set goals and kick goals and take one day at a time.

Kind Regards & Best Wishes Peter 







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