Oesophageal Cancer - Recovery

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Oesophageal Cancer - Recovery

Hi - I would love to hear from any recovered / recovering oesophageal cancer people on how they dealt with all the post-op problems - nausea, loss of appetitie, loss of weight, fatigue & pain (Endone at present). I am 5 weeks post-op (chemo / radiotherapy ran concurrently finished Christmas last year) - all clear but struggling with loss of strength - unable to work since October last year. I was lucky as only Stage II. I understand it takes many many months to recover & return to normal functioning, work and exercise. The days are very long as there is not much I can do but sleep - I guess this is common to all types of cancer. Your suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

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Re: Oesophageal Cancer - Recovery

i have  voice box cancer 5 months post treatment .Im still suffering side effects Bi believe should get better just taking every day as it comes god  bless        gerry

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